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Italian Dolomites, 2018

I first began photographing this massif before the age of social media, back when it was all boots-on-the-ground exploration that gave me my ideas. Over the last decade, I have had the opportunity to photograph this mountain from every side in all seasons, and I have thousands of photographs of it in my archives that I have never processed or shared. I’m usually helping students to create their photographs while I am in this area, and I rarely pursue a photo very intently while I’m responsible for the experiences of others. Nonetheless, among those thousands of photographs of this massif that I have taken, there are many that I really like. Producing all of them for my portfolio would drown out all other subjects, however, so I intend to release them sparingly. It could be decades before I develop and release the last of them, and I hope to enjoy this extended experiment as a way of connecting old and new ideas as I continue to evolve as a photographer.

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