Erin Babnik’s Workshop Reading and Viewing List

This is a list of my articles and recorded talks organized loosely by topic. I often refer to my articles and talks while teaching during workshops, and I’m always happy to discuss any of these topics in greater depth during our time together. I look forward to seeing you soon!


Composition and Light

Four (More) Compositional Patterns Worth Finding in Nature

Creative Uses of Extreme Focal Lengths for Landscape Photography

Does a Landscape Photograph Need a “Subject”?

Five Compositional Patterns Worth Finding in Nature

Photogenic Light: Alternatives to Photographing Landscapes at Sunrise or Sunset

Image Development

How to Decide if Your New Photo is Ready for the Eyes of the World

Creative Applications of Color Theory in Landscape Photography

A Lexicon of Post-Processing Terms in Landscape Photography Today

The Two Essential Strategies of Effective Post-Processing

Creativity and Style

The Myth of Influence in Photography

Looking Beyond Locations in Landscape Photography

Does that Landscape Photograph Belong in a Museum?

Exploration for Landscape Photography: Going Further and Finding Yourself

(VIDEO) Exploration for Landscape Photography: Finding Your Own Frontiers

The Big Picture: Why Perfect Technique Does Not Always Improve a Photograph

(VIDEO) Life Lessons for Creative Expression

Outside the Box: Advice for Making Risky Creative Decisions

To Look or Not to Look: Can You Find Yourself Through the Work of Other Photographers?

Five Valuable Lessons that I Learned in Art School

The Creative Photographer: Three Reasons Why You Should Forget About Originality

The Seven Virtues of a Landscape Photographer By Erin Babnik

How Landscape Photographs Tell Stories

Creative Approaches to Landscape Photography: The Thrill of Discovery

Career Development

‘Going Pro’: Is Landscape Photography Your Calling?


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