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The Advantages of a Photography Workshop with Erin

Erin’s workshops combine a full range of instruction that emphasizes all aspects of the art of photography, conducted with the idea that having fun is an essential foundation for creative growth. These workshops put the emphasis on you and your development as a photographer, incorporating composition seminars, creative coaching, cutting-edge field techniques, substantial image editing sessions, art history insights, and much more. Whether you are just beginning or are already a seasoned pro, Erin and her co-leaders are uniquely qualified to help you to create outstanding photographs and to provide you with inspiration for the next steps down your own creative path.

Photography Workshop in the Dolomites with Erin Babnik
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Group Photography Workshops

Dolomites Winter Edition, 2018

Photography Workshops - Dolomites Winter Edition 2018

With co-leader Sean Bagshaw
February 5-12, 2018 (8 Days)

Death Valley National Park: Canon EOS Destination Workshop, Session 1

Death Valley National Park: Canon Destination Workshop - Photography Workshops by Erin Babnik

Sponsored by Canon. Featuring a Post-processing session with 1–2 prints of your photos from a Canon Pro Printer!
February 21–February 24, 2018

All camera brands welcome!

Fine Art Photography and Timelapse in Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra

Fine Art Timelapse Photography Workshop - Photography Workshops by Erin Babnik

With co-leader Michael Shainblum
February 26–March 3, 2018

Death Valley National Park: Canon EOS Destination Workshop, Session 2

Death Valley National Park: Canon Destination Workshop - Photography Workshops by Erin Babnik

Sponsored by Canon. Featuring a Post-processing session with 1–2 prints of your photos from a Canon Pro Printer!
March 4–March 7, 2018

All camera brands welcome!

French Alps, 2018


With co-leader Enrico Fossati
June 24 – July 1, 2018 (8 days)

A new frontier of landscape photography! Be among the first to get the shots in areas that we have discovered and explored to share with you. This all-inlcusive trip features spa hotels on both sides of the border between France and Italy in two regions of the French Alps.

Adventure In The Dolomites, July Session 2018

Lift Off

With co-leader Chip Phillips
July 17-25, 2018 (9 Days)

New Program for 2018:
Now with Airport Transfer!

Dolomites Extended Edition, August 2018

Flowers for Miles

With co-leader Alexandre Deschaumes
August 1–11, 2018 (11 Days)

New Program for 2018:
Now with Airport Transfer!

3 Spots Left!

Adventure in Iceland, 2018


With co-leaders Erin Babnik, Alexandre Deschaumes, and Xavier Jamonet. Travel in monster trucks through remote areas of Iceland that most people never see. This 12-day all-inclusive workshop will feature seminars on composition, creativity, and post-processing.

September 1-12, 2018 (12 Days)

Private Photography Workshops with Erin Babnik Photography

Private Photography Workshops With Erin

If you would like to benefit from a highly individualized level of instruction and location guidance, consider the option of booking a private workshop with me at the location of your choice worldwide. I will tailor the experience to accommodate the specific interests, goals, experience, and physical capabilities of an individual or small group. I am able to offer only a few private workshop sessions each year, so booking well in advance is the best way to ensure that you will be able to reserve the trip of your choice. The cost of a private booking is $600 per day for the first person and an additional $100 per person thereafter, with a limit of five participants. Travel expenses, if applicable, are calculated in advance at a per diem rate. Please use the Contact page of this website to inquire about private workshop opportunities and details:

Wilderness First Responder Patch - Photography by Erin Babnik

Erin Babnik is certified by Wilderness Medical Associates as a Wilderness First Responder.

Recent Workshop Testimonials

Before the desert. Before the dust storm.  Before the cold of the pre dawn. I was happy. I had a career that I was dedicated and focused on. After the desert (6 days with Erin on her Death Valley and Eastern Sierras workshop) I have become obsessed. All I can think about is signing up for another workshop. I cannot overstate how much I learned about photography in those few days with Erin. Like most self-taught amateur photographers I had hit a plateau in my skills. Erin gave me a deeper understanding of composition, photographic techniques, and processing of my images. She is an excellent teacher. What I didn’t expect on her workshop was how much I enjoyed being around her and the other workshop participants.  Photography is often a solitary endeavor but sometimes it is nice to be surrounded by people as geeky as you are. The whole experience reignited my love for photography. I’m not sure which of the workshops is next on my list but I do know that I will go back again. Thanks for a great time.

John Moses

Workshop participant

My workshop/tour with Erin was absolutely fantastic! Erin is so kind, thoughtful, intelligent, and extraordinarily knowledgeable about photography and art. It was a wonderful experience and I have great images and memories.

Brad Warner

Private workshop participant

I have to admit that I was a little bit afraid before going: How would it be shooting alongside so many other people? Are we going to see just the popular spots that everyone takes photos of? Would we all go home having the exact same pictures on our memory cards? And so on… Now that I am back home I can tell you that it was not at all like I feared. Our group leaders Erin Babnik and Alexandre Deschaumes took us to wonderful places where we basically saw no other photographers at all. They made sure that we concentrated on translating our own personal visions into powerful compositions. And they have been very helpful whenever we asked for advice of any kind. Most of all, I just enjoyed hiking and talking to all the other landscape photographers in the group about our shared passion. In short: it has been a great experience!

Jörg Frauenhoffer

Workshop participant

Thank you both for such a wonderful trip through some quite amazing locations. The care and effort you both put into making this trip a success was evident from the first day. The photos I’ve captured on this adventure are probably some of my best work yet. Really appreciate you sharing your time and knowledge with me. I do hope I’ll be able to do another trip with you guys in the near future!

Matt S.

Workshop participant

I want to reach out and say a big thank you. The workshop was a great experience. It was the unique experience I was looking for. I certainly don’t have any complaints; you delivered a great workshop with incredible value. I am looking forward to taking another one of your workshops.
Ben Carlson

Workshop participant

I’ve been home for one week now and I have re-lived our trip every day. I have started a number of thank-you notes, but feel unable to articulate my thoughts without you thinking I’m crazy. So, to begin: I had a wonderful time. The mountains and you were perfect. I have finally started processing the photos. As I work on them I hear your words in my mind about why and how they were composed. Lessons I’ll long remember.

Aphra Pia

Private workshop participant

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful week. It was challenging, educational, fun, and so inspirational. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge and yourself. I’m looking forward to the Dolomites this summer!

Gordon Gornbein

Workshop participant

(1) Your workshop had many fine photo opportunities, a superb post processing session, and your undivided attention in the field when requested. In addition, it was lots of fun with a terrific group of fellow participants. Indeed, a very well run photo trip. This was my first photo workshop with you. There will be more.

(2) Thank you for your superb Death Valley Master Class workshop.  I learned a lot, got some keeper images, and had lots of fun.

Carl Zanoni

Workshop participant

What an awesome week in Italy…just finished hiking for 8 days in the Dolomites with two very talented professionals, Erin Babnik and Alexandre Deschaumes, as our leaders. It was great to see them at work and to learn from them. As an extra bonus, Erin really knows the area well and made adjustments to optimize our access and work around some weather. The group was terrific and the locations were beautiful.

I wanted to say thank you once again for the workshop. The Dolomites were beautiful (especially the last evening) and I really enjoyed the international group that was assembled. Although you are both artists and have an instinct that is hard to match, I think your contrasting styles were beneficial to the workshop. I have never seen anyone get so close to a finished product inside the camera as Alex and your energy is contagious when you run to find the right composition when you are inspired. Erin is like a force of nature when she sees something special, finding the best vantage point, looking for the right angles, and then sealing the deal with the right shot. It was fun to watch.

Bart Barry

Workshop participant

I would like to express my thanks for the organization of last week’s exceptional workshop. Even if it was exhausting to hike, it was worthwhile after seeing these beautiful places.

Jozsef Bognar

Workshop participant

It was a fantastic group, super well organized, good food and really nice accommodations. The shooting locations were very exclusive and I’m impressed at how well you run your workshops. I will be back for more! I really enjoyed the post-processing session with you and Chip Phillips. I learned quite a bit and am anxious to put it into practice. You guys were incredible leaders and teachers. Thank you for taking care of us. And I loved our mountain chats!

Annalisa Harding

Workshop participant

Just back from Erin’s Death Valley/Eastern Sierra and Erin’s Death Valley Masterclass 2017. If you’ve never taken a workshop (these were my first) it will take your photography to the next level. Although I was less experienced than others in the group, Erin took the time to patiently answer my questions. The groups were small and personalized. I would say the #1 thing I learned was attention to and discovery in composition. If you’re a workshop veteran, these guys take scouting unique locations and being in the right place at the right time very seriously. She is on the cutting edge of landscape photography and at the same time humble and helpful. I recommend her without reservation.

Paul Imperia

Workshop participant

Spending few days in Venice after a great photo tour/trip with Erin Babnik and Alexandre Deschaumes in the Dolomites(Italian Alps). The landscape was just breathtaking with great photo opportunities. And of course it was fun as well (a few bartenders asked us to leave because they were closing :-)). They both were fantastic and the group was awesome. Definitely would join Erin and Alex in future workshops/tours.

Rad Alzyoud

Workshop participant

I recently attended the Eastern Sierra Workshop with Erin Babnik. Erin was awesome! She was a pleasure to spend the week with and was constantly working hard to provide us with the best possible experience. Her knowledge of the locations and weather conditions was outstanding and she provided excellent instruction and guidance. She got us to some great locations and in the end I came away with not only some great photos but a new understanding of composition and processing to build on with my own photography.  Thanks Erin!

John Scane

Workshop participant

I really enjoyed my workshop with Erin Babnik! She took us to some fantastic shooting locations in Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra Mountains, and always got us to the right place with plenty of time to set up for the best light. The group was small (5 people), so there was no problem getting individual help, and we had some great discussions about technique, gear and philosophy. Her price was very reasonable, and I plan to go with her again as soon as I can. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting an advanced workshop in landscape photography.

John Birchard

Workshop participant

Great workshop, great teaching and great photography knowledge sharing … Erin will take you to the amazing spots for you to get the amazing shots and capture the amazing light!  Her post processing workflow demo is just the icing on the cake!

James Chia

Workshop participant

I had a great time, learnt a huge amount about photography, and saw parts of the area that I would never have seen had it not been for your local knowledge. As we speak I am putting a few of your processing suggestions into practice on an image from the trip.

Kris Bell

Private workshop participant

Thank you for an amazing workshop. I learned so much – not only from the help you gave me one-on-one, but as you helped others or set up your own shot. It was so much fun!

Sandra Woods

Workshop participant

Erin provided great guidance to some of the most photogenic wonders of the Eastern Sierras. Her knowledge of the landscape, timing of natural lighting conditions, constant monitoring of weather and willingness to adjust, enabled our group to experience, capture and create several incredibly beautiful images. My personal artistic skills and capabilities took a big step forward thanks to her efforts!

Tom Herriman

Workshop participant

The end of a wonderful trip in the Italian Dolomites. I met some very nice people and enjoyed taking pictures from the wonderful locations selected by Erin Babnik and Alexandre Deschaumes (mostly Erin for the locations and for inspiration and excellent photographic expertise, Alex for the artistic acumen and his enthusiasm). I would really recommend the experience.

Cyril Deretz

Workshop participant

I’m writing this testimonial four months after attending the Death Valley / Eastern Sierras workshop with Erin. This year, I’ve been on seven photography workshops with five different instructors. As I go back and review images, the trip I took with Erin seems to be the one that keeps producing. Her expert guidance and dedication to scouting / getting the shot has become evident the more I review my images. Erin wasn’t afraid to travel away from conventional destinations in order to get the group their best shots. In the field, Erin was patient and inspiring. The week I spent with Erin has changed the way I photograph and perceive nature.

Cody Wilson

Workshop participant