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New Article about Color Theory in Landscape Photography

"Creative Applications of Color Theory in Landscape Photography" My newest article takes an unusual approach to the topic of color theory. Using six creative goals that are common in landscape photography, I draw upon color theory to explain how it can be helpful in...

Erin to Speak and Teach at Sedona Photography Symposium

I'm excited to be able to share the news about an all-new landscape photography symposium based in Sedona, Arizona. The Sedona Photography Symposium will be a feast of events for anyone interested in landscape photography. There will be educational presentations,...

Erin Interviewed for f-stop Stories about Teaching Workshops

"Behind the Scenes: Workshops with Erin Babnik" f-stop gear interviewed me about what goes on behind the scenes with teaching workshops. They asked me about my journey into photography education and what goes into the location choices, program design, logistics, and...

Erin’s B&H Talk is Now Freely Available Online

"Exploration for Landscape Photography: Finding Your Own Frontiers" The final edit of this talk is now freely available online through B&H. This talk is not just about the techniques and technology of exploration; it is above all a deeper look at my own story and the...

New Article about the End Uses of Landscape Photographs

"Does that Landscape Photograph Belong in a Museum?" by Erin Babnik My newest article is now out on the Photo Cascadia website. In this article, I question the idea that fine art landscape photographs should cater to the traditions of interior decor. Is there life for...

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