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Announcing a New Photography Guidebook on the Western United States

I'm thrilled to announce that the Photo Cascadia team (which includes me and six other photographers) has just released our first eBook collaboration, Photographing Through the Seasons. More than two years in the making, this unique photography guidebook on the...

New Article about Photography Conferences for Outdoor Photographers

"Photography Conferences for Outdoor Photographers: Why and Where" by Erin BabnikI spend a lot of time each year speaking at photography conferences, expos, symposia, and conventions. Because I invariably find these events to be extremely inspirational and fun, I...

Join Erin in Antarctica for a Floating Photo Festival!

I am thrilled to announce one of the most exciting events that has come to photography in a long while: Photo Voyager. This trip is more than just an epic journey to Antarctica; it is also a floating photo festival, complete with educational and inspirational talks...

New Article about Locations Versus Landscapes

"Looking Beyond Locations in Landscape Photography" by Erin BabnikMy newest article is now out on the Photo Cascadia website. In this article, I address the issue of whether it's the location or the photographer that makes a photograph special. I explain the...

New Interview with Erin on the Light Minded Podcast

"One of the World's Top 25 Landscape Photographers, Erin Babnik, Joins Christian and Carwyn for a Chat." Light Minded Podcast, Episode 11, Interview with Erin BabnikThis is one of my favorite recent interviews, thanks to the excellent questions from hosts Christian...

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