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Erin Appears in New TV Show Pilot on Landscape Photography

I was honored to be featured in the pilot for a new show on AdoramaTV as one of five photographers in a round table discussion regarding current issues in landscape photography. Seated with me were Chris Burkhard, Keith Ladzinski, Pete McBride, and Jacob Riglin, plus...

Erin Brings New Talk to NYC’s Lincoln Center

Wednesday, October 24, 6:30pm New York City $7 Donation to Benefit the Sierra Club Erin will be speaking on October 24 at the Metropolitan Opera Guild Learning Center in Manhattan's Lincoln Center. Your $7 donation will go to benefit a chapter of the Sierra Club. "The...

New Article about Deciding if a Photo is Ready to Share

"How to Decide if Your New Photo is Ready for the Eyes of the World" by Erin Babnik Should you share that new photo now or ever? My newest article for Photo Cascadia offers some suggestions for deciding if a photo is 'done' and when (or even if) you should show it to...

Erin Interviewed Together with Alex Noriega on the Landscape Photography Podcast

"Quality vs. Quantity", The Landscape Photography Podcast Episode 36, Interview with Erin Babnik and Alex Noriega In this episode, Host Nick Page inquires about an approach to photography that has become increasingly rare since the rise of digital imaging and social...

New Article about Creative Uses of Extreme Focal Lengths

"Creative Uses of Extreme Focal Lengths for Landscape Photography" by Erin Babnik My newest article has been published on the Canon USA website. Why did certain focal lengths become traditional? How can extreme focal lengths represent the 'mind's eye'? Read the...

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