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Dolomites, Italy, 2018 (Photographed in 2015)

One fine summer day a few years ago, I took shelter in a World War I bunker during a snowstorm in order to be in position when the storm broke. It was forecast to be a brief event, so I hiked up to this high alpine viewpoint well before the front approached. As the snow began to fall, I ducked into the bunker and entertained myself by making my first ever live broadcast through a phone app. I had just enough of a data signal to do a live video with Periscope, which was the new hot app that year. Probably about twenty viewers saw that broadcast, but I was quite amused by being able to share this experience as it happened with people on the other side of the world.

Distracted by the phone app, I did not notice when the snow began to subside. I was merrily showing my live viewers some features inside the bunker when the thin white carpet that had accumulated outside caught my eye because it was suddenly looking very bright…light!! I abandoned my video and bolted outside with my camera gear just in the nick of time. At first there was a clearing only to the north, but small openings developed rapidly in the direction that I had wanted to shoot, and the sun’s rays powered through the clouds with growing intensity. Within minutes, the snow on the ground melted, the cloud shelf dissolved, and it was a sunny summer day again. The moral of the story: beware of sharing your life in those moments when you should be living it!

Full details of my 2019 Dolomites workshop series will be announced soon. I am currently taking names for the early notification list, so get in touch through my website, email, or a message if you would like to be on that list. All of my 2018 workshops (in all regions) are currently full, but waitlists are available.

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