Gold Rush

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Gold Rush

Italian Dolomites, 2018

A decade of exploring the Dolomites for landscape photography has brought me to countless remote corners of the region that few people will ever see, but I have also spent a considerable amount of time in more well known places that are especially enchanting and worth many repeat visits. I have now lost count of how many trips I have made to this particular massif, but I can count on one finger the number of times that I have seen the conditions line up so beautifully here. I have watched the weather patterns in the area enough to know what is possible, what is likely, and what just might happen if the clouds part and the birds sing at just the right time in unison. On this morning, it all came together as mist from the valley rose up and rushed through the towers of the massif just as the rising sun found a break in the clouds and gave everything in its path the Midas touch. This moment lasted about a minute before the mist blew through and no more rose from the valley until later in the morning when the sun was much higher.

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