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Getting Close

Getting Close

Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Dolomites, Italy (2014)

When I found this charming stream running smack into the base of one of the most picturesque massifs in Europe, I wondered why I had never seen a photo incorporating it before. After about a half hour of playing tripod twister in order to get this composition, I had my answer. The stream takes a sharp turn and dives down a hill just behind the camera’s view here, so I had very few options for where I could set up my tripod. My first attempt involved scaling a large boulder and trying to get the view I wanted by having the tripod straddle my body, since there was not enough room on top of the boulder for me to get behind it. I must have gone through every position in the Kama Sutra with that tripod trying to get its feet secured around me, but to no avail. My next idea was to submerge the tripod in the stream right in front of the boulder, but then again that would leave no room for me to stand behind it. The solution involved lying prostrate on top of the boulder to get my face low enough to see the back of the camera, which was not the most elegant position I’ve assumed in the course of getting a shot, but it got the job done!

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