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Dolomites, Italy (2015)

I found this little nook in the Dolomites while exploring one of those “blank” places on the map that always seem to lure me in like a cat finding an open box. Sometimes I hike a new area for ages and find nothing that I want to treat seriously in a photograph, and then there are the times when I happen upon a spot like this one, and a passionate relationship blossoms.

In those cases, I’ll keep coming back to see what may develop from one visit to the next. Each time I return, I learn more about the location’s character, and my feelings for the place inevitably become deeper. With any luck, I’ll eventually catch a moment when the conditions during a visit harmonize with my ideas about the place, and the resulting photograph feels like a collaboration of sorts. This spot with its two waterfalls pouring into a single stream seems to express that relationship rather well.

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