Grand Solitude

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Grand Solitude

Dolomites (Italy), 2018

This view takes in miles of land, yet the inspiring peak that it features is only the 26th most prominent in its region. From where I was standing, there was a 360-degree view of mountain ranges on offer, a cornucopia of peaks including many that dwarfed this one in size and in fame. In the great outdoors, choosing which direction to point a lens and how much to encompass has no single solution, which is all the more true when fast-moving atmosphere causes opportunities to emerge and vanish in seconds. Such dynamic conditions are exhilarating and endlessly fascinating, a constant challenge of anticipating where the action is unfolding and trying to meet it there with a lens. In the end, this relatively unassuming peak became the whole world to me, shining brightly in its evolving situation before receding once again into quiet obscurity.

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