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Dolomites (Italy), 2020

One of the great ironies of the creative process for me is that extremely chaotic situations can induce a dreamlike state of concentration. A little bit of chaos can be distracting, but a massive dose of it can push me so far out on the intensity scale that I tend to pop out on the other side. When an experience is so all-encompassing that it drowns out most of my thoughts, what is left is “the zone”, that creative space where only the the task at hand matters. Photographing during high wind events tends to put me in that space. As I struggle to stay upright and to hold onto my gear, the intensity of the moment leads to exhilaration and in turn to supreme focus. I absolutely love the sensation of being so alert, so determined, so alive. Many of my favorite photos have resulted from these sorts of settings, whether I’m in the thick of blowing snow, blowing sand, or just gale force wind on its own, I’m usually transported to a place where everything is in motion and yet time seems to stand still.

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