Down to Earth

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Down to Earth

Eastern Sierra, California, 2019

The relationship between sky and land is a theme that runs through most of the photos in my new summer series. I find ongoing fascination in the way that clouds can bring mystery and magic to a scene when they interact with a landscape very intimately. Low clouds are especially prone to transforming a landscape, as they did on this day in the Eastern Sierra. This incredibly distinct and low shelf of clouds scraped across a massive section of mountains, blanketing all but the lowest foothills and pressing up against them as if in a gesture of protection. I was especially charmed by the subtle balance and flow of the composition from this vantage point, which helped me to show off the surreal layering of the scene’s various elements.

May is not one of the months when I am usually in the Eastern Sierra, but I was out in the region for a special occasion this year. Canon USA had invited me to teach a group of very talented high school students for two out of three days of a mini-workshop just for them, a unique idea that was the brainchild of some good people at Canon. The students had to earn their spots in this program, and they were all extremely keen to learn. I had the pleasure of presenting two outdoor sessions and two indoor seminars for them, an experience that was very gratifying for me, since the kids were so enthusiastic. This photo is one that I shot the day that I drove up to the area, after doing a solo speaking event at the Canon Center in Los Angeles the day before.

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