Erin to Speak in New York about Exploration for Landscape Photography

Jan 14, 2018

I’m excited to be headed to New York this month to speak at the B&H Event Space on the topic of Exploration for Landscape Photography. This talk was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Canon USA.

There is an astonishing variety of highly photogenic locations in the world that are never photographed, yet many places are teeming with photographers who may be unaware of their other options. It’s all the subject of a new talk that I’ll be giving this month at the B&H Event Space in New York, in which I’ll be sharing a wide range of advice and information drawn from my own experiences of exploring new locations for landscape photography. The story begins with a look at creative soul-searching that can be a guiding light in choosing a fruitful direction. From there the discussion continues to include the many research strategies and resources that are my favorites for making a large world and distant places become more accessible and familiar. Finally, I offer advice for the ultimate creative process of seeing and responding once the boots hit the ground.

When: January 22, 4–6pm

Where: B&H Superstore, New York City

Click the Learn More button to register to attend this talk. I hope to see you there!

Watch the YouTube Promo: CLICK HERE

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