Dolomites Extended Edition, August 2018 - Photography Workshops by Erin Babnik

Adventure in Iceland, 2018

September 1–12, 2018 (12 Days)

with co-leaders Erin BabnikAlexandre Deschaumes, and Xavier Jamonet

Three creative coaches, two additional Icelandic guides, a dedicated cook, and two monster trucks!

Adventure in Iceland, 2018

September 1–12, 2018 (12 Days)

With co-leaders Erin BabnikAlexandre Deschaumes, and Xavier Jamonet

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Three creative coaches, two additional Icelandic guides, a dedicated cook, and two monster trucks!

Workshop Description

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The itinerary of this unique trip will take us to a variety of magnificent highland locations in Iceland, far away from the crowded hotspots. We have assembled a team of three acclaimed professional photographic artists to be your creative coaches and location guides, and in addition have secured two native Icelandic guides to accompany us through our adventure. This trip comes complete with eleven nights of accommodation, full board, airport transfer, and transportation between locations. We will spend eight of our nights in beautifully situated highland huts that will allow us to maximize our time in the most majestic, remote areas of Iceland while still enjoying the comfort of indoor bunks. The other three nights we will stay in single-occupancy hotel rooms. This will be a rare opportunity to get off of the ring road and into the highlands to photograph some of the most spectacular, surreal landscapes anywhere in the world.

Participants will have the benefit of a small group and three instructors, allowing you to get all of the help that you need with creative mentoring, field technique, and post-processing. On the first day of the workshop we will hold an introductory seminar on composition and creativity. We will also have a substantial post-processing session in the comfort of a hotel conference room on the final full day of the workshop.

This trip is designed for people with a spirit of adventure who want to experience and photograph some of the more remote locations of Iceland with instructors who place a high value on creative expression. The focus is on helping you to create outstanding photos that speak to your own experiences and interests. Whether you are just getting started in photography or are already a seasoned pro, we’ll put you in the right place at the right time and will provide you with whatever guidance you require to get unique shots of Iceland for your portfolio. Because we have a total of five guides, there will be options for doing some hiking during the workshop in order to reach even more remote destinations, but these excursions are optional. For the optional hiking excursions, a moderate level of physical fitness is necessary, but otherwise a minimal level of fitness is required.

Erin Babnik has drawn widespread, international attention for her expressive style of photography, for her adventurous approach in the field, and for her thought-provoking articles and public speaking. Her photographic expertise, her pioneering spirit, and her extensive teaching experience combine to provide an expert level of instruction, delivered with great dedication and enthusiasm. In her writing and public speaking engagements, Erin explores topics of both philosophical and instructional value, making her one of the most notable voices among the current generation of landscape photographers. She brings this same joy of discussing ideas to interactions with her workshop participants, offering a unique dimension to the workshop experience.

Erin is a team member of the illustrious nature photography team Photo Cascadia.

Alexandre Deschaumes Portrait

Alexandre Deschaumes has gained massive international acclaim for his development of a highly evocative style of photography characterized by visually arresting and dreamy images that beautifully exude Alexandre’s personal connection with nature. His portfolio is a testament to his incredible range and to his ability to translate scenes into compelling works of art even in the most challenging conditions. Alexandre is the subject of the documentary film “The Quest For Inspiration”, directed by Mathieu Le Lay, which has won several awards and has aired on numerous television networks. As a visionary photographer, intrepid adventurer, and dedicated teacher, Alexandre brings a wealth of insights and ideas to the workshop experience.

Xavier Jamonet Portrait

Xavier Jamonet is one of the premiere landscape photographers of Europe, having cultivated a large and enthusiastic audience through his tasteful and impactful style of photography. Xavier has been exploring the lesser-known reaches of Iceland’s highlands for many years, discovering unique views and acquiring sophisticated sensibilities for timing and composition in those areas. Xavier exhibits his work in traveling solo exhibitions and in group shows in France and other European countries.

September 1: Orientation and Presentations on Composition and Creativity

Our first transfer will take place at Keflavík International Airport at 2:00pm (meeting point to be announced in the workshop forum). Our transport service will escort you to our four-star hotel, where you will have your own single-occupancy room. At 4:00pm will we hold an orientation and presentations on composition and creativity in the hotel’s conference room. Afterwards we will enjoy a group dinner in the hotel restaurant.

September 2–9: Our Highlands Adventure

After breakfast on September 2, we will depart for our first highlands location, stopping along the way for some photogenic opportunities. For the next eight nights we will enjoy the prime situation of highland huts and will dedicate our days to maximizing the photographic potential of each one. Our monster trucks will take us from hut to hut and out to remote locations that few people ever see. Hiking excursions will be optional for even more remote and opportune locations at some of the areas that we visit.

September 10: The Return to Reykjavik

After our highlands adventure is complete, we will head back to Reykjavik, making stops along the way to take advantage of photogenic opportunities. We will spend this night in a comfortable Reykjavik hotel, with each person in their own, single-occupancy room.

September 11: Post-Processing Seminar

On the final full day of the workshop, we will hold a substantial post-processing instruction session in the comfort of a hotel conference room.

September 12: The Conclusion of the Workshop

Transportation back to Keflavík International Airport will be provided after breakfast on September 12. We will return to the airport by 11:00am on September 12. Please try to plan your flight out to be as late as possible on the 12th in order to allow yourself plenty of time to make your flight.

Planning Considerations

If you are flying in from a very different time zone, you might consider staying a couple of nights in Reykjavik to get over jetlag and to enjoy the sites there.

• Your Camera. You can choose to use any camera you like, but a digital camera with full manual control and interchangeable lenses is highly recommended and will give you the best experience.

• Lenses. There will be opportunities to use any and all focal lengths, so bring all that you can carry, wide to long. If you want to carry only two lenses, an ultra-wide-angle zoom (such as a 16-35mm) and a 70-200mm zoom would be good choices.

• Tripod. We will often be shooting in low light, requiring longer exposure times.

• Filters. Generally all you will need to use is a polarizer and neutral density filters. Although, it is possible to get great shots without either.

• Other photo gear. A camera backpack. Several batteries, plenty of memory, a remote trigger, lens cleaning supplies.

• Clothing & shoes. Weather conditions in the highlands during this time of year can be quite cold at sunrise. Bring insulating layers: a good set of base layers, mid-layers for warmth such as fleece and down. A shell jacket and quick-dry hiking pants will help to protect against the elements as well. Sturdy boots or shoes are advised along with a warm hat and gloves.

• For the huts you will need a sleeping bag and something to use as a pillow. Many people are content to place a fleece inside a pillow case at night, but if you prefer something more substantial, be sure to pack it. The huts are warm enough at night that a simple summer sleeping bag should be sufficient to keep you comfortable. We can provide a sleeping bag for anyone who does not have their own.

• Microfiber towel. For showering at the huts, a quick-drying microfiber towel will be the most convenient option.

• Snacks and hydration. Maintaining energy and hydration is very important when out in the wilderness. You will be provided with three meals per day, but it is a good idea to have snacks of your choice on hand in addition. Energy bars, nuts, and seeds are recommended. At times we will be in very remote areas, hours from the nearest store, so it is a good idea to have a stock of snacks packed when you arrive. You should also have a water bottle with you to ensure that you stay hydrated.

• If you are interested in the optional hikes to more remote locations, then trekking poles are highly recommended for greater comfort and balance.

• Willingness to learn and discover.

We will be driving to all of our locations in monster trucks, and each of these locations offers wonderful options for photography with little or no walking beyond the area of the hut. Some of the huts are in areas where venturing out further on foot will provide views that are extra special, so we will have optional hiking excursions to make the most of those opportunities. If you would like to participate in the optional hikes, then a moderate level of physical fitness is necessary.

While adventure and great photos are our main goals, your safety is a priority along with treating the land that we travel on with respect, practicing “leave no trace” ethics. Erin, Alexandre, and Xavier are seasoned backcountry travelers, and Erin is certified by Wilderness Medical Associates as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR). In order for participants to have a comfortable experience where they can concentrate on the photography, it is highly advised that you have proper attire consisting of non-cotton outdoor dedicated clothing, including an assortment of layers to keep you warm.

Three of our nights will be spent in a comfortable hotel, with each participant in a private room (single-occupancy). In order to position ourselves with optimal proximity to our highland destinations, we will spend the other eight nights together in cozy wilderness huts.

The huts are similar to cabins that are typically available in national parks, providing an unusual level of comfort for wilderness dwelling. Even though we will be in the wilderness, we will sleep in beds with mattresses, and token-operated showers will be available to us in most locations. We will have a dedicated cook in our group who will prepare our meals at the huts. While staying in huts, participants should expect to sleep in dormitory-style rooms, where beds may be bunk beds. Most locations have token-operated showers available (tokens must be purchased separately as desired).

Iceland Hotel Room

Iceland Hut Interior

Iceland Hut Exterior



• Tuition

• Eleven nights of lodging: three in single-occupancy hotel rooms and eight in highlands huts.

• Airport transfer beginning and ending in Keflavík International Airport (KEF).

• Transportation between workshop locations.

• Three meals per day. While in the highlands, we will have the benefit of a dedicated cook for our group who will prepare our indoor meals. Some of our meals will be self-service sandwiches and yogurt in the field in order to maximize our time out in nature.

• Guidance to unique photography locations.

• Introductory Seminar on Composition and Creativity.

• In-field instruction (composition, compensating for high dynamic range, focus stacking, shooting for advanced blending techniques, etc.). Click here for more information.

• A substantial post-processing instruction program held in the comfort of a hotel conference room.

• Awesome adventure!


• Flights.

• Travel and cancellation insurance.

• Snacks, beverages, and other personal purchases.

• Shower tokens at huts.

• Gratuities.



$6495 ($2150 deposit)


The final balance of $4345 is due by Sunday, July 1, 2018. Deposits are non-refundable. Cancellations require us to re-open enrollment and/or to engage in additional promotional efforts to fill the workshop on short notice, so our policy is that there will be no refunds after July 1, 2018, with one exception: if we find another participant to fill your space and the workshop is ultimately full when it begins, then you will receive a refund, minus your non-refundable deposit.

We strongly recommend that you have travel and cancellation insurance for all workshops.


All participants are required to sign a standard workshop indemnity waiver: here.


Cancellations require us to re-open enrollment and/or to engage in additional promotional efforts to fill the workshop on short notice, so our policy is that there will be no refunds after July 1, 2018, with one exception: if we find another participant to fill your space and the workshop is ultimately full when it begins, then you will receive a refund, minus your non-refundable deposit. All refunds are subject to a 4% processing fee. We highly recommend that you obtain travel/cancellation insurance for all workshops.



Use the sign-up button on this page to place a deposit with a Credit Card or via PayPal. If you would like to pay by another method, use the contact form on this page to ask Erin about options for sending a personal check or bank transfer.


  • September 1–12, 2018 (12 Days)
  • Three Instructors: Erin BabnikAlexandre Deschaumes, and Xavier Jamonet
  • Two additional Icelandic guides
  • Limit of 10 participants
  • 11 Nights of Lodging (8 in Highland Huts, and 3 in single-occupancy hotel rooms)
  • Full-board, with a dedicated group cook accompanying us in the highlands
  • Airport Transfer beginning and ending in Reykjavik, Iceland (KEF)
  • Transportation between workshop locations in monster trucks
  • Guidance to unique photography locations
  • In-field instruction
  • Introductory Seminar on Composition and Creativity
  • Substantial Post-Processing instruction session with three instructors
  • Access to the workshops forums space
  • Awesome ADVENTURE!


($2150 Deposit)


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Reykjavik, Iceland

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