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A little place for big ideas! These forums are by and for the landscape photography community worldwide, introduced in response to many requests for a forum to exist outside the confines of social media channels.

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Landscape Photography General Discussion

ThinkOutside Forums - Discussion Forums Dedicated to the Art of Landscape Photography

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Simplify, exclusion....

The Masters Forum

An educational forum featuring landscape photographers who are also educators by invitation.

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Adam Gibbs - Don't f...

The 'Skype' Lessons Directory

A directory of photographers who offer one-on-one screen-sharing instruction via Skype or similar programs.

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The 'Skype' Lessons ...

Photo Critique

Registered forum members may post their photos here for critique by other members. Posting here means that you would like honest, constructive feedback about your work.

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spur of the moment, ...

Show and Tell

This is an image sharing forum with a may share any landscape photograph that you want, so long as you "tell" in addition. The idea of "telling" is similar to the Masters Forum: Share something that might help other photographers. What did it take to realize this photograph? Did you learn something in the process? What advice do you have for someone who might be interested in going the direction that your photograph does?

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The Show and Tell Th...

Locations and Conditions

A forum for discussing all things related to landscape photography locations and their conditions.

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Oneonta Gorge is Clo...

Landscape Photography Reading List

Have you read a good book or article lately regarding landscape photography? Post about it here!

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Many good books from...

The Business of Landscape Photography

Whether you are interested in making your passion pay for itself or are in it full-time, this is where you can post questions, concerns, news, and information.

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Photo Cascadia artic...

Resources for Protecting Public Lands

Post any resources or news relevant to the protection of public lands anywhere in the world here.

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The Best Resource...


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