Crimson and Clover

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Crimson and Clover

Iceland’s Highlands, 2018

Iceland has fascinating volcanic sediments of every variety, but this bright red type of lapilli (pyroclastic rock) is probably the most rare. This view looks towards a mossy volcano from the slope of a rocky one that had large swaths of red on it. There were only a few little patches of green moss on this side, but I loved the accents of color that they added.

During my Highlands workshop we spent nine full days completely immersed in the surreal landscapes that lie far beyond the reaches of the usual tourist destinations. Our group traveled expedition-style, complete with our own stock of food and a chef as we explored vast expanses of volcanic deserts and mountains, sleeping in a variety of remote huts so that we could continue our adventure for an extended period. It was one of the most amazing trips of my life, and I really look forward to the day when I can offer it again. For now I’m enjoying such thoughts as I venture into my insanely large archives of unprocessed photos during lockdown. Like this volcano, the current state of the world has another side, and we will reach it sooner by staying home for a while. Best wishes for good health to you!

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