Afternoon Delight

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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

Dolomites, Italy (2015)

Although I have a lot of favorite little spots in the Dolomites, this area is extra special because it was one of my early discoveries, and I now have a long history there. I found this place on a topo map one year and was unable to find any photos of it, so it was quite thrilling to venture into these heights with wide eyes for the first time. It is an idyllic place filled with wildflowers, tarns, streams, cascades, gargantuan boulders, salamanders, and of course marmots. Even better, I have never seen another photographer in the area other than my own workshop participants.

Of the many distinct peaks within view there, this particular one has become my favorite because of its stately form that offers great variety from different angles. I now think of it almost like a long-distance beau, waiting for me to return so we can continue where we left off. It’s always a great reunion, especially on days like this one when I get treated to such wonderful afternoon light.

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