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The Advantages of a Photography Workshop with Erin

There are certain essentials that any world-class photography workshop or tour will provide, including expert location knowledge and great trip organization. Erin’s workshops go beyond those essentials to provide a whole range of instructional benefits to participants who desire them. Whether you are a beginning photographer or a seasoned pro, Erin and her co-leaders are committed to providing you with what you need to come away with outstanding photographs for your portfolio.

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Photography Workshops - Death Valley Masterclass 2017

sold out


Session 1: March 10–15, 2017 (FULL)

Photography Workshops - Death Valley Masterclass 2017

sold out


Session 2: March 17–22, 2017 (FULL)

Photography Workshops - California Redwoods 2017

sold out


With co-leader David M. Cobb

May 26–29, 2017 (FULL)

Photography Workshops - French Alps 2017



With co-leader Enrico Fossati

June 24 – July 1, 2017 (8 days) (NEW)

Photography Workshops - Adventure In The Dolomites Extended Edition 2017

sold out


With co-leader Ted Gore

• Main Workshop: July 10–18, 2017 (9 days) (FULL)

• Extreme Experience Package: July 18–20, 2017 (2 days optional extension) (FULL)

Photography Workshops - Adventure In The Dolomites Early August 2017

sold out

ADVENTURE IN THE DOLOMITES, Early August Session 2017

With co-leader Alexandre Deschaumes

August 1–8, 2017 (8 Days) (FULL)

Photography Workshops - Adventure In The Dolomites Late August 2017

ADVENTURE IN THE DOLOMITES, Late August Session 2017

With co-leader Chip Phillips

August 20–27, 2017 (8 days)

Photography Workshops - Wild Rivers Coast 2017

sold out


With co-leader David M. Cobb

November 3–6, 2017 (FULL)

Photography Workshops - Death Valley and The Eastern Sierra 2018



With co-leader Ted Gore

Session 1: February 11–17, 2018 (NEW)

Photography Workshops - Death Valley and The Eastern Sierra 2018



With co-leader Ted Gore

Session 2: February 20–26, 2018 (NEW)




Erin Babnik working with a client during a private workshop.

If you would like to benefit from a highly individualized level of instruction and location guidance, consider the option of booking a private workshop with me at the location of your choice worldwide. I will tailor the experience to accommodate the specific interests, goals, experience, and physical capabilities of an individual or small group. I am able to offer only a few private workshop sessions each year, so booking well in advance is the best way to ensure that you will be able to reserve the trip of your choice. The cost of a private booking is $600 per day for the first person and an additional $100 per person thereafter, with a limit of five participants. Travel expenses, if applicable, are calculated in advance at a per diem rate. Please use the Contact page of this website to inquire about private workshop opportunities and details.




My workshop/tour with Erin was absolutely fantastic! Erin is so kind, thoughtful, intelligent, and extraordinarily knowledgeable about photography and art. It was a wonderful experience and I have great images and memories.

—Brad Warner, USA

I’ve been home for one week now and I have re-lived our trip every day. I have started a number of thank-you notes, but feel unable to articulate my thoughts without you thinking I’m crazy. So, to begin: I had a wonderful time. The mountains and you were perfect. I have finally started processing the photos. As I work on them I hear your words in my mind about why and how they were composed. Lessons I’ll long remember.

—Aphra Pia, USA

I’m writing this testimonial four months after attending the Death Valley / Eastern Sierras workshop with Ted and Erin. This year, I’ve been on seven photography workshops with five different instructors. As I go back and review images, the trip I took with Erin and Ted seems to be the one that keeps producing. Their expert guidance and dedication to scouting / getting the shot has become evident the more I review my images. Ted and Erin weren’t afraid to travel away from conventional destinations in order to get the group their best shots. In the field, Ted and Erin were patient and inspiring. The week I spent with Ted and Erin has changed the way I photograph and perceive nature.

—Cody Wilson, USA

I had a great time, learnt a huge amount about photography, and saw parts of the area that I would never have seen had it not been for your local knowledge. As we speak I am putting a few of your processing suggestions into practice on an image from the trip.

—Kris Bell, UK

I would like to express my thanks for the organization of last week’s exceptional workshop. Even if it was exhausting to hike, it was worthwhile after seeing these beautiful places.

—Jozsef Bognar, Hungary

Your workshop had many fine photo opportunities, a superb post processing session, and your undivided attention in the field when requested. In addition, it was lots of fun with a terrific group of fellow participants. Indeed, a very well run photo trip. This was my first photo workshop with you. There will be more.

—Carl Zanoni, USA

Thank you for an amazing workshop. I learned so much – not only from the help you gave me one-on-one, but as you helped others or set up your own shot. It was so much fun!

—Sandra Woods, USA

Thank you both for such a wonderful trip through some quite amazing locations. The care and effort you both put into making this trip a success was evident from the first day. The photos I’ve captured on this adventure are probably some of my best work yet. Really appreciate you sharing your time and knowledge with me. I do hope I’ll be able to do another trip with you guys in the near future!

—Matt S., USA

I really enjoyed my workshop with Ted Gore and Erin Babnik! They took us to some fantastic shooting locations in Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra Mountains, and always got us to the right place with plenty of time to set up for the best light. The group was small (5 people), so there was no problem getting individual help, and we had some great discussions about technique, gear and philosophy. Their price was very reasonable, and I plan to go with them again as soon as I can. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting an advanced workshop in landscape photography.

—John Birchard

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