News: Photography Roundtable Podcast, Episode 238, Interview on the Creative Process

Photography Roundtable Podcast, Episode 238, Interview with Erin Babnik In this interview, titled “The Creative Process”, David Johnston asks me some of the most important questions for any landscape photographer to consider. We touch on many of the points from my talk in England about creative expression and expand to a number of related topics. How important is it to travel to so-called ‘epic’ locations? Can ‘bad’ conditions produce great photographs? How can a photographer get out of a creative slump? How can beginning photographers find their own creative voice? Listen to the episode for these questions and many more! Listen to the...

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Out of Acadia Landscape Photography Conference

I am excited to share the news about a whole new idea in Landscape Photography events: Out of Acadia. I’m one of the speakers at this unique conference in Maine that goes beyond the talks to include outdoor photography sessions and indoor seminars. It’s a grand buffet of programs for anyone interested in landscape photography. Here’s the list of what I will be doing: Here is what I will be doing at this unique landscape photography event: • Giving a one-hour Talk to the entire conference• Teaching a Post-Processing Seminar (space limited)• Leading a Critique Session/Portfolio Review (space limited)• Leading 3 Outdoor Landscape Photography Sessions (limit of 10 participants each) Learn...

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Free Video of Erin’s Complete Talk in England

Due to the generosity of On Landscape Magazine, my complete talk and interview from the Meeting of Minds Conference in Cumbria, England are now available for free online. My talk, titled “Life Lessons for Creative Expression” is 55 minutes long. To watch the presentation, click the button below. Watch the Talk British photographer David Ward sat down with me following my talk for a live interview broadcast to the world on YouTube and Periscope.  We discussed some of the points from my talk and took a question from the audience regarding the development of personal style. To watch the interview, click the button below. Watch the Interview...

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News: On Landscape Magazine Interview with Erin Babnik

On Landscape Magazine Interview with Erin Babnik On Landscape Magazine interviewed me and asked some really thought-provoking questions about photography, art, and art history. I especially enjoyed answering the ones on near/far compositions and finding meaning in photographs. This is an absolutely top-notch publication, and I encourage anyone who enjoys great writing about landscape photography to subscribe to the magazine! Read the...

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News: Image & Rhythm Interview with Erin Babnik

Image & Rhythm Interview with Erin Babnik This interview, titled “The Creative Journey,” covers the topics of stepping outside of your comfort zone, photographic inspiration, social media influence, and more. It is an interview unlike any that I’ve done before. Image & Rhythm asked me some provocative questions about some very important topics, and I poured every bit of insight that I could into answering them. If you haven’t heard about this website, then you really need to check it out. The whole premise is highly original and inspirational. It’s a great resource for any photographers who face the challenges of being creative, productive, and personally satisfied. Read the...

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News: The Traveling Image Makers Interview with Erin Babnik

The Traveling Image Makers, Episode 30, titled “On the High Mountains with Erin Babnik.” Interviewer Ugo Cei asked me some great questions about photographing in high alpine environments, about the differences between landscape photography culture in Europe and the United States, and much more. It was a very engaging discussion that covers topics that have not come up in previous interviews. Listen to the...

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News: Erin Babnik to Judge EPSON International Pano Awards

Erin will be judging the 2016 EPSON International Pano Awards as one of the five judges on the panel for the Open Division. The total prize pool is worth $60,000, including $25,000 in cash. The competition is now open for entries. Learn...

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News: Erin to Speak at Landscape Photography Conference in England

Erin Babnik will be one of five speakers at “A Meeting of Minds 2016: A Dedicated Landscape Photography Conference”, which will take place November 18–20, 2016 at the Rheged Centre at the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria, England. Organized by OnLandscape Magazine, this three-day conference includes sidecar events such as a sit-down dinner with conference delegates and a series of “lightning talks”.   Tickets are now available through the OnLandscape website. Early-bird tickets are available for sale through the end of March....

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News: Photography Roundtable Interview with Erin Babnik

The Photography Roundtable network interviewed me about a huge variety of topics. The episode, titled “Erin Babnik: Tips to Immediately Shoot More Creative Photos” is now available on iTunes, Android, and on the Improve Photography website. We discuss the topics of photographic storytelling, females in landscape photography, compositional theory, and more. Listen to the...

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News: Erin Babnik Interviewed for the Improve Photography Podcast

The Improve Photography network interviewed me for their show “Tripod: The Nature Photography Show”. The episode, titled “Erin Babnik: The undisputed queen of landscape photography” is now available on iTunes, Android, and on the Improve Photography website. We discuss current trends in landscape photography, my experience with going full-time as a landscape photographer, photographing in the Italian Alps, and more. This show features top-notch interviewing and production quality, and I am thrilled to be featured on it. Listen to the...

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News: Erin Babnik Featured in Digital Photographer Magazine

Issue 167 of Digital Photographer Magazine includes an interview with me in their feature on Atmospheric Landscapes....

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Big News! Erin Babnik Joins Photo Cascadia.

BIG NEWS!! I am thrilled to announce that I have joined Photo Cascadia as a full team member! The other six members of the team have been among my greatest sources of inspiraton for years, since I first got started in landscape photography. I have long admired the mission of Photo Cascadia to “Learn, Explore, Create”, and having the opportunity to contribute to the Photo Cascadia blog over the last seven months was a great honor in itself. Now I have the incredible honor of collaborating with the team as a full member, and I am beyond excited about it! The press release is available now, so click the link below to read all about it! Click Here to Read the...

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