Out of Acadia Landscape Photography Conference

I am excited to share the news about a whole new idea in Landscape Photography events: Out of Acadia. I’m one of the speakers at this unique conference in Maine that goes beyond the talks to include outdoor photography sessions and indoor seminars. It’s a...

Free Video of Erin’s Complete Talk in England

Due to the generosity of On Landscape Magazine, my complete talk and interview from the Meeting of Minds Conference in Cumbria, England are now available for free online. My talk, titled “Life Lessons for Creative Expression” is 55 minutes long. To watch...

News: On Landscape Magazine Interview with Erin Babnik

On Landscape Magazine interviewed me and asked some really thought-provoking questions about photography, art, and art history. I especially enjoyed answering the ones on near/far compositions and finding meaning in photographs. This is an absolutely top-notch...

News: Image & Rhythm Interview with Erin Babnik

This interview, titled “The Creative Journey,” covers the topics of stepping outside of your comfort zone, photographic inspiration, social media influence, and more. It is an interview unlike any that I’ve done before. Image & Rhythm asked me some...


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