New Article on Taking Creative Risks

My latest article for the Photo Cascadia Blog is titled, “Outside the Box: Advice for Making Risky Creative Decisions”. In this article, I take up the issues of risk and creative growth and offer some suggestions for how to handle them with confidence....

New Article on Effective Post-Processing

My latest article for the Photo Cascadia Blog is titled, “The Two Essential Strategies For Effective Post-Processing”. In this article, I discuss what to do with post-processing knowhow once you have it. The article is intended to be a succinct guide for...

New Article on Inspiration

My latest article for the Photo Cascadia Blog is titled, “To Look or Not to Look: Can You Find Yourself Through the Work of Other Photographers?” In it I take up the topic of inspiration, ‘influence’, and personal expression. Read the Article...

New Article on Lessons Learned in Art School

My latest article for the Photo Cascadia Blog is now out. In it I share some of the best advice that I have received in my life, tips from art educators that can help artists get greater personal satisfaction out of their creative efforts. Read the Article New...

New Article on Originality for the Creative Photographer

My latest article for the Photo Cascadia blog takes up the topic of originality. Why should the creative photographer forget about it? I give three reasons for placing the emphasis elsewhere. Read the Article New WorkshopsDolomites Winter Edition 2018Wild Rivers Coast...


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