1. May I use one of your photos on my blog?

2. What happened to Phrasikleia Epoiesen?

3. How do you process your images?

4. How do you research your locations?

5. Is it possible to license one of your images for use in a printed publication?

6. Is it true that you always wear purple when you’re out shooting?


1. If you purchase a license to do so, yes. Please use the contact form for more information about licensing terms and fees.

2. For years I used the artist pseudonym Phrasikleia Epoiesen to distinguish my landscape portfolio from my stock work, but this arrangement ultimately proved to be more trouble than it was worth. Many of the photos on this website still bear the old watermark, but print orders with signatures requested will be signed “Erin Babnik”. Please see the Store page of this website for more information on print signing.

3. Most of my images are processed from single ‘raw’ files, often by manually blending differently processed iterations of a single file, or else they are blends of separate exposures (taken in lieu of using a GND filter). For more complicated scenes, I will occasionally combine exposures of very different shutter speeds, of slightly different moments, or with varying filter usage to achieve my goals. I prefer to use selective processing techniques (e.g. layers and masking) over global solutions such as HDR software. I do not use any HDR software in my processing.

4. I make extensive use of topographical maps and of course weather forecasts, including satellite images. My primary tools for researching locations are The Photographer’s Ephemeris, Google Earth, and Panoramio photos. Dumb luck goes a long way too.

5. Yes, please use the contact form for more information about licensing terms and fees.

6. No, I sometimes wear lavender, pink, or lilac. 😉

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