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First Trip to the Dolomites - Critique  


Hey guy! This is my first time posting here so I wanted to share two photos from this Summer that I've been working on and get some critique. I did a lot of experimentation on this trip with my photography and tried to shoot scenes other than the obvious, iconic views. The photo of the mountains was shot at 50mm and presented a slightly smaller scene than what its neighboring peaks offered. I really liked the low fog and colorful light hitting the rock in the midground and background. The second photo came after a day of wandering around the waterfall looking for interesting compositions. My idea in this one was to focus the attention on the tree that stood in the spray of the water and seemed to be an observer like me. I had some trouble on the processing of that one and feel like maybe the color/contrast is a bit off. I also messed up the technical side of the shooting and used an aperture that didn't let me get all of the tree in focus. Thanks for looking and I'd love to hear any thoughts and critique on the photos!

Posted : September 27, 2017 20:44
In spite of everything
Dolomite Low Fog Sunrise
Posted : September 27, 2017 20:47
Moderator Moderator

Hi Blake! Great reading that you challenge yourself with new angles and techniques! Much better than only playing save and doing the same stuff right? And you've found some interesting scenes. Alwys amazing to see low clouds in valleys and those peaks catch some great light. They look a little bit flat though - maybe adding some contrast in I think the higher midtones will make them pop a bit more? And maybe similar with the shadows in the midground/valley.  They have similar tones, maybe some dodging can give you even more depth and a 3D feeling.
About the waterfall image: yes that maybe should have been focus-stacked? Although a slight breeze from that waterfall maybe would spoil the fun haha. You have some flowers and grasses  in the direct foreground too, a bit random, which would make the focus stack more complicated. I think they would look nice more to the sides, or not in the frame at all. I'm not familiar with the possibilites at the location, but maybe it would look more pleasing if the tree would not cut the stream in the back. Maybe the white balance on the water is off a bit, it looks kinda blue, but as I said, I don't know the area or color of the water 😉
Hope this helps, let me know what you think!

Posted : November 29, 2017 03:35

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